We help dispensary owners save time and maximize their purchasing power by connecting you with new and innovative brands. You define your buying goals and we pre-schedule and tailor meetings that are right for you.

Save Time and Money
Avoid the chaos and inefficiency of in-store meetings and large expos by gaining access to prequalified and curated sellers during 1x1 meetings at no expense. 

Make Smarter Decisions
Make more informed decisions by gaining access to product samples and company information before you meet with brands. 

Improve Sales
Help your organization sell more by using this forum as as a way to educate your Lead Manager or Budtender about your business goals and objectives. 

Increase Value to Customers
Don't carry the same products as everyone else. Inspire your customers by carrying brands and SKUs that are unique in alignment with your vision. 

Drive Success with Brand and Retail Trends
Get an edge on the competition by gaining access to exclusive market intelligence that's not available at other shows and industry events.